Best Lightweight Trekking Equipment

Gone are the days when trekking gear was somewhat heavy and unpleasant. With modern and innovative hiking equipment, you can now have a trekking experience you’ll never forget. Herein, we have rounded up some of the best lightweight hiking equipment you may want to shop for your next trek.

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trekking Poles
The value of trekking poles to your hike is absolute; they even out your weight over varied terrains and keep off fatigue on extended treks. And for that matter, Black Diamond poles are dead right on the spot. They are lightweight, retractable, and their cork grips are quite comfy and absorbent. With swappable carbide tips for different terrains, these poles are an excellent addition to your trekking kit.

Smartwool PHD Outdoor Socks
Made with a robust blend of soft wool, these fabulous trekking socks are poised to keep your shoes comfortable, dry and cool even in hot weather. Its state-of-the-art design keeps the socks in shape even during rigorous activity.

Windrider 2400 Pack
It’s no secret the backpack sets the tone for a trek, and Windrider 2400 is certainly a stunner. This 40-litre pack is not only lightweight, durable, waterproof, and comfortable, but can also handle up to 18kgs, making it ideal for weekend treks. Besides, it includes removable aluminium stays, hydration sleeve, and outside mesh pockets for additional storage.

Ultramid Shelter
Weighing at a paltry 0.5kg, UltraMid Shelter by renowned outdoor gear maker Hyperlite Mountain Gear is perfect for lengthy treks. Don’t let its weight fool you; this shelter offers enough space for two or four people depending on the model. It stands at 1.5m in the centre and uses trekking poles for propping. It also features waterproof zippered door, tie-out points and vents. It’s ideal for either wet or hot condition.

Biolite CookStove
Are you tired of trekking with those hefty gas canisters? Well, BioLite stove is your best shot at an incredible cook out in the wild. It encompasses a USB-rechargeable 4-speed fan to keep the flame going. As if that isn’t terrific enough, the stove gives off a smokeless flame.

The Vapur MicroFilter (Includes bottle)
This easy-to-clean water filter and bottle will help you stay hydrated throughout your trek. Its top-notch filter removes bacteria without the need for iodine tablets.

Hanwag Tatra GTX
Hanwag Tatra, the German-made trekking boots, will take you places. With lightweight sole and no slip design, these shoes will make every kilometre of the trek pleasant and effortlessly smooth.

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